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Was It All Hype?

… it seems so.

Way to Hammer Out a Good Deal Over Global Warming:

“Under the deal, developed and developing nations agree to limit global warming to no more than a 2 degree Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) increase within the next decade. Richer nations would also provide $30 billion over the next three years — eventually scaling up to $100 billion a year by 2020 — to help poorer nations cope with climate change, Obama administration officials said.”


Way to Deal with the Greedy Banks:

Oh wait, he has done nothing but give them free money and put a few Citigroup / Goldman Sachs executives in his administration  and basically told Wall Street “Hey guys let’s not do the bonuses right now ok? And, hey don’t worry if I thought what you did was wrong or wanted to protect the tax payer I would have introduced legislation to reform and regulate Wall Street.”


Health Care :

This new plan is a joke written by Liz Fowler the ex-vice president for public policy and external affairs at WellPoint, one of the nation’s largest health-insurance corporations. I suppose its better than nothing, but I’m sure her buddies back in the insurance industry aren’t going to be disappointed and will make a good deal off of the tax payer.


Obama Loves Big Business:

Obama has the same interests as any politician… big business.

It’s awesome to see all the ambassadors he appointed to Western Europe are just businessmen that donated to his campaign, instead of giving these positions to distinguished  foreign service officers that might have earned their jobs. I’m sure the guy that started CNET will be a far better ambassador than a man who has worked as an FSO for thirty years. Starting a website is far more important than having actual experience representing our nation and dealing with political affairs.

Why can’t we elect a person who actually cares about the middle class. Maybe a middle class American would be able to do something for us, as he would at least understand our troubles.

Tony Hawk in the White House

… “I assume formal attire is appropriate when meeting the prez. Don’t worry, I still have my skate shoes on.” -Tony Hawk


… simply amazing.

Arizona State University…

…is a terrible place. 


Dean Crow... sucks

Dean Crow... sucks


1. The school denied President Obama an honorary degree. Really?

2. The school is only worried about money. “Publish or Perish” isn’t the Dean’s motto, I think something he would be happier with would be “get a grant or get out.”

3. The school is trying to get rid of tenure… hell if i went to school for 4 for the B.S., then 2 for the M.A., then 3-5 more for a PhD. (not to mention the people that do another 2-3 for a post doc), then killed myself for another 5 years to get tenure… I’d think I had earned a little job security. 

4. If the dean can’t take away an established professors tenure away, he has increased teaching loads for full professors in hopes of getting them to retire.

5. The freshman MUST live on campus and buy a meal plan… another good way to make money (I’m very glad I went there when I could live at home otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford a degree from ASU)

6. The size of the classes are going to be huge, while not up to a 1,000 students in a class room yet, some NON-freshman classes will have over 500 people.

7. Finally for a school that is trying to make… errr save money maybe we can cut the Deans salary that is nearly $700,000 per year.

Chomsky on Government Funding “Private” Businesses