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Hipsters too Cool for the Census

NPR Story

Really? Spoiled middle and upper class white kids in Williamsburg are too busy being cool to send in their census.

The government spent 15 billion on this because its important. The census affects how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services. So its more important than your PBR, fixed gear, and your bullshit self absorbed attitude.

Marty Murawski is…

finally pro!

Congrats Marty. This is awesome!

Who’s next the pro? Jaws? Jon Rob? Ryan Lay? Nick F.? Evan Okeson? Juicy J? Milic? Jesse? Dimon?  Everyone in AZ?

Howard Zinn Died

..this is a huge bummer.

photo taken from howardzinn.org

Fuck Rasa X Sharp Gain Profits Ltd.

Rasa’s newest partner Pony has recently been bought by Sharp Gain Profits Ltd. Sharp Gains is owned by Symphony Holdings, a Hong Kong based company that owns ‘core companies like Speedo…

And don’t think Pony was any more legit before these assholes bought it. Prior to that it was run by Global Brand Marketing, which the “The Firm,” an entertainment management company that managed such amazing acts as Limp Bizkit, and the BackStreet Boys had the majority stake in the company.


nice shoes matt/rasa… skateboard gets a little less ‘core everyday.

Chomsky on Government Funding “Private” Businesses

I’m Not Sure What To Say…

… except  for don’t talk to the press.

If your going to talk to the press don’t try to sound cool. Just memorize a couple lines from an academic journal about skateboarder’s creative use of space.  Tell them about how NYC made a compromise with skateboarders regarding the Brooklyn Banks.

Look up some things Dr. Ocean Howell (yea the guy who rode for H-Street and Birdhouse) has written and just parrot what he says. Academia is very sympathetic to skateboarders and our use of space…so, go on google scholar and read a few articles, and if anyone ever asks you something you can repeat something that sounds fancy.

Life is Hard ONLY Making 10K a Week

… the proposed limit on the executive salaries for those companies who are about to receive bailout money is 500K per year. This will force these people to live on a mere $9,615.38 per week.

Just to size this up this up…

In one week these execs will make $9,615. This is  $784 dollars less then someone at the poverty line makes in a year. …In 2007 there were 37.3 million Americans living at or under the poverty line. (the poverty line for a single person is $10,400…  for family’s simply add 3,600 per person in household. For example, a family of three would be living at the poverty would make $17,600 per year)

In two weeks he will make $19,230, $2,830 less then a full time retail salesperson’s yearly salary  ($22,060). 

In 3 weeks he will make $28,845, a mere $760 less then the average yearly income for Tempe, Arizona’s 85281 zipcode ($29,605).

In 4 weeks he will make $38,460, $3,101 more then a legal secretary’s yearly income  ($35,359)

In  5 weeks he will make $48,075 this is  $1,493 less then the average american household will make in a year ($49,568  ). In other words by the second week of February the exec will have made about as much money as the average household does in a year.

In 8 weeks he will make $76,920, $879 less then a psychologist’s yearly salary ($77,799)

In 9 weeks he will make $86,535, $5008 more then the average sociology professor. (full professors make $81,527). 

In 14 weeks he will make $134,610, $101 more then a dentist’s yearly salary ($134,509)

In 16 weeks he will make $153,840, $72 more then a pediatrician yearly salary ($153,768 ).

In 42 weeks he will make $403,830, $3,830 more then the President Of The United States makes in a year ($400K). 

…so by the end of April he will have made more then those who we rely on to keep our children healthy. Not to mention that he will make more then most of us do by the end of the second week in February. 




Russia Hates Coca-Cola

… here’s a calendar encouraging people not to drink coke.




Chemistry or Life?





…not a single drop





… enemy of the mind

Yea Bro!!!

Chaz Ortiz picks up GATORADE as a sponsor!


gatorade2395774_425_313So… ummmm, the next contest he wins do we pour the gatorade on him, or should we find him a skate coach so he can pour it on the coach?