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My Teeth Are Bleeding


David Lynch on product placement:

…and I still think this would make an awesome sound track to a promo video:

ok last David Lynch video:


ELIOR KASSOVITZ has an interesting take on the old fashion matryoshka doll.


Summer Course SUNY Buffalo

sign up for this class:


Art Bars and Seagulls

Justin’s Strubin’s part was awesome: 

At the time I was super hyped on Markovich too:

… the whole video was awesome really, and the DVD has the tour footage too, which was awesome

New Battle At The Berrics



even though I think they should play park skate instead of flat.


holding a skateboard and a plant?

Joey Brezinski’s…

part is amazing


Peep Show

Chomsky on Government Funding “Private” Businesses

Thanks Wiki-How


Wiki-How has the best advice! It can tell me how to:

How To Dress Like a Skater        How To Be a Good Looking Skater        How To Do a One Footed Casper       How To Wax Up a Curb      How To Attract Sk8er Boi s      How To Attract Girls With Skateboarding       Make Others Think Your Good at Skateboarding