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Skateboarding’s Humble Beginnings



As George Ritzer points out in The McDonaldization of Society, businesses attempt to operate in an extremely efficient fashion. They focus on making everything quantifiable (skatemetrics) rather than focusing on creating subjective quality (“best” video part), they want everything to be predictable (i.e. standardized, the same experience every time), and they want all aspects of a business or activity to be easily controlled, basically the antithesis of what skateboarding is today. As the corporation’s values become more and more apart of skateboarding and influence the ideologies of individual skaters, the greater the potential that our activity will fundamentally change.


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Hurricane Sandy

stolen photos from JenkemMag.com

Just for Fun

Alessandro Magnani



If you haven’t seen it yet you’re missing out. It is just yet another reason why AZ has the best skate scene.

Skateboarding… How Did We Lose a Battle We Had Already Won?

“We finally said, ‘We’re getting burnt, and we gotta do something about it.’ We gotta start our own companies, quit making boards and wheels and money for other people so they can put our names on them and we can promote them with our activity” — Tony Alva

“There is an attempt made within skateboarding to inaugurate a separate circuit of capital which exists entirely within skaters, skaters buying from other skaters, who in turn reinvest in skateboarding” — Iain Borden (2001)

How Many Grinds Does it Take to Get to the Axel Center of a Independent Truck??

…well if you’re Chris Dimon… 3 and half hours worth.

Too Awesome For Words

“Hey Sheck-dog, can you please sign my baby?”

Why is Tempe Park the Best Park?

Cats in the Skate Park


Jaws and Vlad are Juggalo’s for Lyfe!

World’s Best Locals

Skate Europe

Nozbone Skateshop

Paris, France

Reede Skate Shop (and their friends at Haigla Skate Park)

Tallinn, Estonia

Monster Park

Riga, Latvia