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Jereme Rogers

… best rapper ever. Why did he “un-retire” from skateboarding? He’s going to make millions with this gem.

Star Wars + Strippers =

I’m not sure what to think of this…

Storm Trooper


Check out more here or here

Thanks Wiki-How


Wiki-How has the best advice! It can tell me how to:

How To Dress Like a Skater        How To Be a Good Looking Skater        How To Do a One Footed Casper       How To Wax Up a Curb      How To Attract Sk8er Boi s      How To Attract Girls With Skateboarding       Make Others Think Your Good at Skateboarding

What Would You Do With a New Pair of D3s?

This kid sure has lots of ideas of what to do with his:

This kid has 10 pairs of D3s think of all the shit he can step on!

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Cartoon?

Calvin and Hobbes on education:





Toothpaste For Dinner on getting a job:

throw-this-awaymy-desired-salary-level1ok this last one isn’t a cartoon but its just as awesome: