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Monster Tattoo Bro

How long until he gets a Carl’s Jr. one across his chest?

Putin Sings Blueberry Hill

I can’t believe this is real.

My Daily Commute

Here in Buffalo I use public transit to get to and from school (and anywhere else I need to go). In a car driving from my home to school would take 22 minutes but using public transportation it takes almost an hour and a half.

Here Google’s estimated driving time (I deleted the first few lines because you don’t need to know where I live).

Here is Google’s estimated walking/public transit route.

Now let’s see how long it really takes:

3:26PM –  about 25 degrees outside – I’ve been walking for a few minutes towards the bus stop. 3:37 – Arriving at the bus stop.
3:41 – Bus picks us up.
3:41- In-route to the rail station.
3:49 – Arrive at the rail station (I would be at school one minute ago if I drove).
3:51 – Just missed the train walking back outside to waste 9 minutes. 
Outside the Metro Station – Local businesses (McDonalds, Burger King, a bodega, a muffler shop, a church, Uncle Johnny’s, and a Family Dollar.

4:00 – Just missed the train. Again (This time I will just wait inside to insure I don’t miss it).
4:10 – Train arrives.
4:11 – In-route to UB South Campus4:20 – We disembark.
This ticket booth is only open during Sabers games (or other special events primarily attended by those that live in the suburbs and rarely use public transit).4:22 – I walk to the next bus stop.
4:24 – At the bus stop.
4:27 – Bus picks us up (well most of us, 3 police men entered the bus to make sure everyone had their IDs, and one of my students was ejected from the bus for not having his on him).
4:49 – I arrive at my final destination. Over an hour after my counterpart with a car would have gotten to school. And this was a good day, other than the extra ten minutes I spent waiting at the train station the lag time between buses/trains was relatively short. At night it takes up to 20 minutes between trains and an hour between buses.

Happy Holidays

Shoppers getting trampled at Target in North Buffalo.

This is what the holidays are about right?