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Fingerprints Needed To Enter a Public Park???

“Skateboarders soon may have to register and be fingerprinted before using the Poway Skate Park.

A new turnstile would unlock only after a scanner read and recognized the thumbprint of anyone who wanted to enter, said Poway Community Services Director Robert Clark of the city’s plan to curb vandalism and misbehavior at the park.

The thumbprint scanner could be used to bar people caught vandalizing or misbehaving at the park, and it also could be programmed to allow only skaters of certain ages to use the park at specific times, Clark said. Sometimes younger skaters who are intimidated by older skaters.”


Ridiculous… How many basketball courts even have fences around them? How many tennis courts need people to be finger printed to get in? This is even worse then Paradise Valley park and their stupid ass ID cards.


039072a9-1b19-4c92-b026-d535f004e93alittle-league-home-opener…anyone the skatepark has thick metal bars, curved outwards and pointed at the top to keep people out? While  the baseball field only has a fence behind the batter (to protect the spectators not to keep anyone out).

Dyrdek More Harm Then Good?

Dyrdek has helped open a few skate parks and has done some positive things with his career but now well… this is worse then Transworld running McDonalds ads.

“* In stores now and while supplies last, fast food and skateboarding fans can visit their local Carl’s Jr. and pick up a 42 oz. limited edition Rob Dyrdek collector’s cup when purchasing a large drink or a combo. The cups feature three designs by Rob – one introducing his exclusive toy line, Wild Grinders; Rob’s feature film Street Dreams; and his signature DC shoes”

“Finally, Carl’s Jr. is a major donor to a new safe skating area in La Fayette Park in Los Angeles funded by the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation. The plaza, with a Happy Star logo built into its design”

Awesome! Thanks Rob, I’m glad your helping turn skateboarding into a giant commerical. I can’t wait to skate Carl’s Jr. Park. Its wonderful that the park is now just one big advertisement, and Carl’s Jr. can brand themselves as “cool” now.

Maybe you can convince Burto… uh Alien Work Shop to start selling to Big 5 or K Mart too… I’m sure you could make a couple dollars and ruin skateboarding a little more.

Dan Drehobl

… is amazing


Georgia Attacks Putin…

..with the power  of pop music 


do you think Putin’s techno remix song is enough to defend against this Georgian attack?

The Overpaid Advertising Execs at Snickers Can’t Come Up With an Original Idea

… Snickers made a new skateboarding commercial to sell their trash… strangely enough it looks almost exactly the same as Ty Evans/Spike Jones intro in Fully Flared


Snickers Rip Off:

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Cartoon?

Calvin and Hobbes on education:





Toothpaste For Dinner on getting a job:

throw-this-awaymy-desired-salary-level1ok this last one isn’t a cartoon but its just as awesome:


Legends Never Die

Feb 17th marked the 3rd anniversary of his death


Push Mongo



Disney Steals the Chinese Soul?

Disney has co-opted and ruined the Harbin Ice Lantern Festival. Basically in a Chinese village near Siberia they would make buildings, dragons, etc. out of ice and well now they make Cinderella’s Castle.



Before Disney took it over:






No Skateboarding…

…in the skatepark