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Things That Are Ridiculous

Pure Ridiculousness 

Sorry Mark

… someone beat you to the first bike kickflip.

Too Awesome For Words

“Hey Sheck-dog, can you please sign my baby?”

Random San Francisco

Warning The Food You’re Eating is Known to Cause Cancer

Can You Guess Which New Years Resolution Was Mine?

Jager and Ice-Cream: A Match Made in Heaven

Best Album Ever


Fingerprints Needed To Enter a Public Park???

“Skateboarders soon may have to register and be fingerprinted before using the Poway Skate Park.

A new turnstile would unlock only after a scanner read and recognized the thumbprint of anyone who wanted to enter, said Poway Community Services Director Robert Clark of the city’s plan to curb vandalism and misbehavior at the park.

The thumbprint scanner could be used to bar people caught vandalizing or misbehaving at the park, and it also could be programmed to allow only skaters of certain ages to use the park at specific times, Clark said. Sometimes younger skaters who are intimidated by older skaters.”


Ridiculous… How many basketball courts even have fences around them? How many tennis courts need people to be finger printed to get in? This is even worse then Paradise Valley park and their stupid ass ID cards.


039072a9-1b19-4c92-b026-d535f004e93alittle-league-home-opener…anyone the skatepark has thick metal bars, curved outwards and pointed at the top to keep people out? While  the baseball field only has a fence behind the batter (to protect the spectators not to keep anyone out).