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McDonald’s International

…sad, it seems the worst parts of our culture is the only thing the USA is able to export. Or is it simply that  poor quality  hamburgers, extra large sodas, and low wages are the best things America has to offer?






if you haven’t seen McLibel I suggest you check it out or go read Fast Food Nation

An Awesome New Video?

… almost everyone in this video is awesome.

best trick duffel has ever done…


Things I Want to Eat…

…cakes that look like things



…ok the skateboard cakes are pretty lame, but they had to be soooo hard to make

Places I Don’t Want To Eat…

… this Latvian restaurant is meant to look like a hospital.   The food is served in syringes, flasks and operating-room dishes… No thanks.



..skateboarding at its best


Obama’s Rescue Plan Will Fail?

…according to Boris Kagarlitsky is the director of the Institute of Globalization Studies Obama’s Rescue Plan Is Doomed to Fail

Obama’s proposal is an attempt to save the flawed U.S. system from itself without instituting any fundamental changes, and therefore his economic recovery program is doomed to fail.

Even a schoolchild can see the contradictions in the president’s stimulus plan. Obama proposes huge increases in government spending while at the same time lowering taxes. Where is he going to find the money to fund his expanded version of the old New Deal? At some point, Obama will step into fiscal quicksand when it turns out that runaway inflation and an enormous national deficit have caused the U.S. government to default on its debt obligations, much like what happened in Russia in 1998 and Argentina in 2001. 

Obama patiently explains to his listeners that only the government can solve the economic crisis, but in the same breath he promises to hand over a large part of the bailout funds to the private sector. However innovative Obama’s plan might be, it will be based on the same flawed principles that led the United States and the world into this crisis in the first place. Losses are socialized and profits are privatized in a program where the government bears the expenses while favored companies pocket the profits. 

It is commonly believed that the government is less efficient than the private sector, regardless of what country you are talking about. But in recent years, the private sector in the United States has been more corrupt and inefficient than even the worst of Soviet bureaucrats. 

If Obama believes that only the government can pull the United States and the world out of the crisis, then he should place all of his bets in that camp. But his plan will be successful only if the public sector can make enough money to pay for the cost of the bailout without resorting to irresponsible borrowing, excessively high taxes and printing money. 

If Obama wants to go down in history as having saved his country from the economic crisis, it will not be enough to simply spend enormous sums of money. It will be necessary to radically change the government’s role in the economy by making it capable of not only spending money, but of making it too.

I think the correct thing to do is start nationalizing banks and like Sweden did .

Hell we should start by taking a step further and nationalize all natural resource companies; the land belongs to the American people not the corporations.

Russian Advertising is..

…AWESOME.  This is a pop-up that encourages people to steal Microsoft Windows


“When you buy licensed Windows you sponsor Iraqi war”

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