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Tony Hawk in the White House

… “I assume formal attire is appropriate when meeting the prez. Don’t worry, I still have my skate shoes on.” -Tony Hawk


… simply amazing.

Jereme Rogers Quits Skateboarding

… after getting dropped from Famous Stars and Straps J. Rogers is done with skateboarding. It wasn’t getting dropped from the shop that brought him up Coliseu… err Industrial Rideshop, it wasn’t the poor ending to his relationship with Girl Skateboards, and it wasn’t losing DVS, or his lack of credibility in the skate scene; losing Famous Stars and Straps was the deal breaker.


Well Jereme it was fun. Good luck with the rap career, the movie star career, or whatever. And thanks for publicly making skaters look like drug addicted kooks right before you leave skateboarding forever. If nothing else we’ve learned you have a way with ending things… and what a better way to end your career than shouting at your neighbors in a drug induced haze.

… but seriously, if Famous was bunmmed on me I’d prolly be pretty bummed on myself as well. I mean seriously, is there a less legit “skate” company out there?

Active Bankruptcy Woes Sold Off To Florida Businessmen

… Zumiez withdrew its 7.2 million dollar bid for the failed Active Mail Order/Rideshop. Instead a group of businessmen calling themselves, Active Sports Lifestyles USA LLC., purchased Active for 5.2 million.

Picture 3

Personally, I’m bummed anyone bought that piece of trash. It would have been better if they were just done, and the customers that shopped at Active started supporting skateboarding by shopping at true local shops… but I can’t say I’m not curious to see how these businessmen plan to make it even more corporate and less ‘core.

Natural Art

old soviet art that incorporates mirrors, nature, and the sun.





Political Cartoons


ok no translation on this one sorry


the bombs say something like “think of the world”


Democracy in America


Why I Love Industrial

The top 10 things I love about Industrial (besides their awesome store front).


1. They fired a bunch of employees for skating in the store. Skate shops are a place of business; it is unacceptable to skate in the store after closing.

2. A few rogue employees covered a local shop’s store front in Industrial stickers. Competition and local shops suck. I’m glad Industrial helped put this store out of business, and then stole the store’s two best riders.  I mean with if I had choices it’d just be confusing, it’s much more fun when there is just one store in town.

3. They don’t show videos in the store. The store is simply a place to consume, why waste your time watching skate videos? I know I don’t have time to watch a video. I can’t get distracted, I need to buy these DVS shoes, get to the food court, and make it to Hollister before they close.

4. Industrial doesn’t hire people that actually skateboard. It’s great to see that the store is managed by a 19 year old girl or a “cool guy.”  I mean it would be terrible if the sales person actually knew something about skateboarding and could competently sell me a skateboard.  But that would probably take away from the important sales: watches, sunglasses, and shoes. Also hiring these people that don’t know anything keeps costs down, they don’t need decent wages since they don’t have any specialized knowledge.  Which means more profit in Doug’s pocket and less money in the skate community.

5.  I love that they are located online and in the mall. Nothing makes my life easier. When I’m at home watching “Rob and Black” or the XGames I can just get on the computer and I’m a click away from buying some new lifestyle products. Or when I’m at the mall I can hit up Zumiez, Pac Sun, and Industrial all at once. I gotta compare prices on the D3 you know.

6. I love how they only sponsor kids who are already a big deal. It is much easier to let someone else take a chance on someone. I mean it’s a pretty big risk to support the local kid who’s coming up, it is better to only help those who have already had a small shop bring them up.

7. The selection is top notch at Industrial. I never have to worry about getting confused with what company to buy. Why support the small companies when we are focused on what the main stream wants. (Yes, I know Industrial carries Brimley, but one small company doesn’t mean they are supporting the scene.) And honestly where else could I buy the Kawasaki x DC motocross shoe? I mean if Doug loved skateboarding or small companies we’d never get the chance to purchase this awesome moto shoe.

8. The store isn’t owned by skateboarders. Why shop somewhere where the person loves and cares about skateboarding? That will just get in the way. He might make a decision that is good for the community and not about the bottom line. And it’s close enough to looking like a real shop, I mean Industrial, Active, and Zumiez are all close enough.

9. I love autograph signings! There is nothing more exciting than waiting in line for hours and hours so I can fan out on Corey Duffel and his awesome pants! And I love that I know the signing will always be at Industrial, I’d be confused if it happened at a local shop. I mean if it’s not in the mall how would I ever find it?

10. I simply hate the local store. I mean at the local store the employee turnover is low (so we can assume the employee is happy). The employees at the local shop actually skateboard, and can help recommend things for experience. That pisses me off, I just want a sales pitch don’t inform me about the product. The local shop supports local skaters, and actually contributes to the community (more than just an autograph signing or demo). Also I hate seeing variety when I shop, the local shop carries brands I might not have heard of yet. Listen? Instant Winner what’s that? The local shop has videos from all over the place, and allows me to be exposed to more than just the mainstream skateboard stuff. Once again that is just confusing. Really there is nothing good about the local shop, thank you Industrial, if you weren’t around I’d have to shop at a legit store, with legit employees, ugh that’d be awful.


… so uhhh Sharon what do you like better the Bones Street Tech Formula or the Spitfire Streetburners? Oh you’ve never riden either? You coulda fooled me you look like your way into skateboarding.