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Disney Steals the Chinese Soul?

Disney has co-opted and ruined the Harbin Ice Lantern Festival. Basically in a Chinese village near Siberia they would make buildings, dragons, etc. out of ice and well now they make Cinderella’s Castle.



Before Disney took it over:






Skate China

… you can leave me out of that trip.

A country that flaunts its mobile execution vans, and executed between 7,500 and 8,000 people in 2006 is not a place I want to go. (The United States executed 42 people in 2007)

chinesevehicle500… i suppose its better then their traditional style of a bullet to the back of the head on the side of the road…

abc_execution3_080215_ssh… Don’t buy Chinese decks (aka Dwindle, among others)…