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Active Bankruptcy Woes Sold Off To Florida Businessmen

… Zumiez withdrew its 7.2 million dollar bid for the failed Active Mail Order/Rideshop. Instead a group of businessmen calling themselves, Active Sports Lifestyles USA LLC., purchased Active for 5.2 million.

Picture 3

Personally, I’m bummed anyone bought that piece of trash. It would have been better if they were just done, and the customers that shopped at Active started supporting skateboarding by shopping at true local shops… but I can’t say I’m not curious to see how these businessmen plan to make it even more corporate and less ‘core.

Fuck Rasa X Sharp Gain Profits Ltd.

Rasa’s newest partner Pony has recently been bought by Sharp Gain Profits Ltd. Sharp Gains is owned by Symphony Holdings, a Hong Kong based company that owns ‘core companies like Speedo…

And don’t think Pony was any more legit before these assholes bought it. Prior to that it was run by Global Brand Marketing, which the “The Firm,” an entertainment management company that managed such amazing acts as Limp Bizkit, and the BackStreet Boys had the majority stake in the company.


nice shoes matt/rasa… skateboard gets a little less ‘core everyday.