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Many breakfast cereals such as Kellogg’s Honey Smacks are even worse than eating a Twinkie for breakfast (in terms of sugar content that is). “One cup of the cereal has 20 grams of sugar, compared with 18 grams in the cake. ” -NPR

Well, Kellogg’s vice president of nutrition, Lisa Sutherland, responded to the recent ‘finding’ by saying, “Honey Smacks are not marketed to kids and are seldom eaten by them.”

I wonder if she believes her own lies or is simply lacking any business ethics? Even worse as a representative of the company she is showing us all that Kellogg’s corporate ideology is simply based off the pursuit of profit, lies, and unethical behavior. Not to mention, they think of their customers and the American public as idiots (this is probably not just Kellogg’s but corporate culture in general).

Does she really believe we can’t see that Dig ‘Em the cartoon frog mascot is trying to appeal to children? Or, that cereals with toy prizes in them are being marketed to children (just a like a Happy Meal is marketed to children)? Or that we can’t tell their commercials that are set within a 2nd grade classroom and have main characters that are roughly ten-years-old are is a ploy to appeal to children?

Seriously, the sugar is one thing, but her statement (her bold face lie, really) and her confidence that we, the public, are too stupid to realize she is lying to us is the most disgusting part of the whole article. How can we trust anything that comes out of this company, when one of their top level executives can’t even tell the truth when it is obvious she is lying?