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My Daily Commute

Here in Buffalo I use public transit to get to and from school (and anywhere else I need to go). In a car driving from my home to school would take 22 minutes but using public transportation it takes almost an hour and a half.

Here Google’s estimated driving time (I deleted the first few lines because you don’t need to know where I live).

Here is Google’s estimated walking/public transit route.

Now let’s see how long it really takes:

3:26PM –  about 25 degrees outside – I’ve been walking for a few minutes towards the bus stop. 3:37 – Arriving at the bus stop.
3:41 – Bus picks us up.
3:41- In-route to the rail station.
3:49 – Arrive at the rail station (I would be at school one minute ago if I drove).
3:51 – Just missed the train walking back outside to waste 9 minutes. 
Outside the Metro Station – Local businesses (McDonalds, Burger King, a bodega, a muffler shop, a church, Uncle Johnny’s, and a Family Dollar.

4:00 – Just missed the train. Again (This time I will just wait inside to insure I don’t miss it).
4:10 – Train arrives.
4:11 – In-route to UB South Campus4:20 – We disembark.
This ticket booth is only open during Sabers games (or other special events primarily attended by those that live in the suburbs and rarely use public transit).4:22 – I walk to the next bus stop.
4:24 – At the bus stop.
4:27 – Bus picks us up (well most of us, 3 police men entered the bus to make sure everyone had their IDs, and one of my students was ejected from the bus for not having his on him).
4:49 – I arrive at my final destination. Over an hour after my counterpart with a car would have gotten to school. And this was a good day, other than the extra ten minutes I spent waiting at the train station the lag time between buses/trains was relatively short. At night it takes up to 20 minutes between trains and an hour between buses.