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The Maloof Money Cup

The Magoof Money Cup is fucking lame.

1. Contests suck. Next step the Olympics or the high school skateboard leagues (wait, no, California already started that). Contest suck, pure and simple. Skateboarding isn’t about being judged, proving your better than someone else, or skating the “right” way, its about doing whatever the hell you want, doing something creative, and having fun.

2. Joe and Gavin Magoof should stick to basketball, owning hotels and banks, and making shitty tv shows/movies.

3. Its nice that skateboarders are able to make some money but its sad to see how easily we are bought out. Also why is it that  it takes these businessmen for skaters to finally start making some big money?. No one else in this 5.2 billion dollar industry can afford to offer big prize money? Zumiez you did 401 Million in sales last year and you can’t do anything other than a coach tour? Shoe companies you can’t chip in? No, all the shoe sales at Zumiez, Zappos.com,  Journey’s, and Dillard’s aren’t making you enough money?

4. After consulting and hiring all the right people to make a nice looking park, it is just demolished afterwards. Lots of cities don’t have skateparks and could sure use one. Its ridiculous and wasteful just to demolish the park after the contest. Why not do this in a city that could use a park? (The skater’s of Philadelphia are still trying to raise money for their park why not help them out?)  At least this way the Magoofs would be contributing to skateboarding as a whole, instead of only lining a few skaters’ pockets.

5. The Magoofs aren’t skateboarders they are “bro”s and businessmen, and don’t have any right to do anything in skateboarding (fuck yea TMZ coverd my party bro). Don’t fool yourself by thinking that they enjoy skating, want to help us out, etc. they saw a business opportunity, a way to make money off of us, and went for it.

The Magoof Brothers: The Most Core Skaters Ever, Bro

The Magoof Brothers: The Most 'Core Skaters Ever, Bro