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Why is Tempe Park the Best Park?

Cats in the Skate Park


Jaws and Vlad are Juggalo’s for Lyfe!

World’s Best Locals

Jereme Rogers

… best rapper ever. Why did he “un-retire” from skateboarding? He’s going to make millions with this gem.

Monster Tattoo Bro

How long until he gets a Carl’s Jr. one across his chest?

Skate Europe

Nozbone Skateshop

Paris, France

Reede Skate Shop (and their friends at Haigla Skate Park)

Tallinn, Estonia

Monster Park

Riga, Latvia

Gentrification, Nike, and Japan

What do you think?

What A Horrible Idea

“Street League Skateboarding™ announced today that for the first time in history, street skateboarding competition has been organized into its very own professional league, with the best skateboarders in the world competing head-to-head in a series of individual tour stops…a professional tour that bridges the gap between true street skateboarding and contest skating, which to date has been fragmented and misguided…Street League Skateboarding™ is the first sports entertainment property that gives professional street skateboarding its very own league for individual competition.”  – A Guy with Bad Ideas and His “Yes Men”

Both Ends of the Kook Spectrum

Sheckler and the Phelper compete to see who is the biggest kook

Marty Murawski is…

finally pro!

Congrats Marty. This is awesome!

Who’s next the pro? Jaws? Jon Rob? Ryan Lay? Nick F.? Evan Okeson? Juicy J? Milic? Jesse? Dimon?  Everyone in AZ?

In England…

people skateboard… even when its raining

В Москве (In Moscow)…

…people skateboardPicture 3

…some even work at skate shops

Picture 4

Evgeny from Destroy Skateshop