Letters to Wendy’s

I just found out they made this book into a play…

Excerpts from the book:

July 3, 1996

Today I bought a small Frosty. This may not seem significant, but the fact is: I’m lactose intolerant. Purchasing a small Frosty, then, is no different than hiring someone to beat me. No different in essence. The only difference, which may or may not be essential, is that, during my torture, I am gazing upon your beautiful employees.

July 17, 1996

It feels good to be punched in the face, but only for an instant. This is what I was thinking as I sat in this afternoon’s empty dining room. Then my mind wandered and I imagined Wendy was in my car with me. She said, “I’d like you to take your fat tongue and run it from my asshole to my clit over and over again.” I said, “I’d like you to punch me in the face.” Thus it ran, the empty dining room filling.


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