Monthly Archives: April 2009

I’m Not Sure What To Say…

… except  for don’t talk to the press.

If your going to talk to the press don’t try to sound cool. Just memorize a couple lines from an academic journal about skateboarder’s creative use of space.  Tell them about how NYC made a compromise with skateboarders regarding the Brooklyn Banks.

Look up some things Dr. Ocean Howell (yea the guy who rode for H-Street and Birdhouse) has written and just parrot what he says. Academia is very sympathetic to skateboarders and our use of space…so, go on google scholar and read a few articles, and if anyone ever asks you something you can repeat something that sounds fancy.

What Would You Do With a New Pair of D3s?

This kid sure has lots of ideas of what to do with his:

This kid has 10 pairs of D3s think of all the shit he can step on!