I’m Not Sure What To Say…

… except  for don’t talk to the press.

If your going to talk to the press don’t try to sound cool. Just memorize a couple lines from an academic journal about skateboarder’s creative use of space.  Tell them about how NYC made a compromise with skateboarders regarding the Brooklyn Banks.

Look up some things Dr. Ocean Howell (yea the guy who rode for H-Street and Birdhouse) has written and just parrot what he says. Academia is very sympathetic to skateboarders and our use of space…so, go on google scholar and read a few articles, and if anyone ever asks you something you can repeat something that sounds fancy.


One response to “I’m Not Sure What To Say…

  1. Wow. What morons. What kind of idiot agrees to that interview? And then brags about destroying a park? Jeez. Skateboarding isn’t an entitlement. I’ve been to the park that the article is about, and to be completely honest I actually felt bad skating there. It was too new and nice. That article just reminded me why I dislike ‘skateboarding’ so much.

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